8 Healing Super Foods Your Skin Needs

As a health and self-love enthusiast, I pay a lot of attention to what goes into my body physically and mentally.  It’s extra important to pay attention to the foods you consume because it literally acts as fuel for our bodies.  This is why I love finding ways to incorporate super foods into my diet, because they not only make you feel amazing, but they have amazing effects on our skin as well.  There are many super foods, but in this article we’ll discuss 8 of the most potent and powerful super foods that are high in anti-oxidants, reduce inflammation, and that aid in anti-aging.


Cacao is the unrefined and unprocessed form of chocolate.  It is free of additives, refinement, and sugar, and comes with a ton of benefits including increased blood flow to keep your skin hydrated, glowing, and radiant.  Cacao is high in anti-oxidants that prevent premature aging, and provides protection for your skin due to it also being high in vitamin C and magnesium.  This super food also contains omega-6 fatty acids and raw enzymes that aid in cellular regeneration, healing scars and skin damage.


Goji berries have been revered in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years and are thought to help maintain energy, vitality, stamina, and longevity.  These anti-oxidant powerhouses are great for maintaining healthy, youthful skin.  These little berries are rich in the protective nutrient, Vitamin C, and promote firming and tightening.  They have also been linked to fading the appearance of scars.  Goji berries also contain the building blocks of protein, amino acids, which improve your overall skin tone.


Acai berries have gained massive popularity in recent years as more people have become aware of how powerful these berries are.  They are praised for their high levels of anti-aging antioxidants, surpassing even goji berries and blueberries.  Acai berries are also rich in nearly the entire alphabet of vitamins, with high amounts of Vitamin A, B, C, and E, effectively nourishing, reviving, healing, and restoring damaged skin cells.  They also have moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties that make them beneficial in calming and reducing acne as well as scars, crows feet, and stretch marks.


One of my favorite leafy greens is kale.  This super food is rich in vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes, and phytonutrients that will leave your skin glowing.  The vitamin K in kale helps reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes and aids in firming your skin and wrinkle reduction.  Kale also promotes collagen production, so your skin continues to look vibrant, healthy and plump.  Its high content of antioxidants protect your skin from harmful environmental elements and free radicals as they act as a barrier for smoke and pollution.


A great addition to nearly any dish or soup, turmeric is part of the ginger family and is native to southern Asia.  Known for its vibrant orange color, turmeric is an antiseptic and an anti-bacterial, both of which make it an effective treatment against acne.  Be careful though, because turmeric may stain your skin, clothes, or countertops, however it will only be temporary and this super food will definitely leave you feeling rejuvenated. 


Chia seeds originate from a flowering plant that is a member of the mint family and is native to Mexico and Guatemala.  The ancient Aztecs hailed it as a highly important food crop, and for good reason.  Chia seeds have a number of nutritional benefits for our overall health, but especially for our skin.  They are considered to be the richest botanical source of omega-3 fatty acids.  Not only that, but these powerful seeds increase skin hydration, alleviate itchy skin, and fortify the skin’s natural barrier against harmful agents.  Chia seeds have also been linked to reducing the appearance of wrinkles as well as toning, softening, and smoothing your skin while promoting ideal moisture levels.  Chia seeds have natural anti-inflammatory, vitamin B3, and zinc components that help prevent acne breakouts and calm aggravated and irritated skin.


Matcha is a delicious green tea that is stone-ground into a super-fine powder.  Rather than steeping the leaves in water for tea, the powder is whisked into water so that you get all of the benefits of the entire leaf.  This super food has a mild but pleasant and refreshing taste.  It serves as an amazing anti-inflammatory that aids in treating skin conditions like eczema, roscacea, and acne.  Matcha has an extremely high content of anti-oxidants that help protect skin from environmental pollutants, extreme weather conditions, and free radicals.  Matcha’s anti-oxidants have also been shown to slow cell degeneration and the aging process, while helping your skin to remain firm and retain vital moisture.  Like kale, matcha contains chlorophyll, making it a strong detoxifying agent and tool in cleansing the body’s entire system of toxins, toxic chemicals, or other impurities, unveiling radiant and glowing skin.


Spirulina may just be the ultimate superfood.  It for sure is one of my favorites.  Spirulina is a blue-green algae and fresh water plant that contains vitamins A, C, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, zinc, copper, manganese, phosphorous, iron, potassium, selenium, and calcium!  Take about a mouth full!  All of these nutrients are renowned for their anti-aging and toning effects.  Spirulina aids in the removal of heavy metals and toxins from your skin while also eliminating free radicals and dead cells, while increasing cell regeneration and production while simultaneously protecting your skin from acne breakouts.

There are dozens of super foods that do wonders for our bodies, this list just included 8 of our favorites.  Not only only are these great because of their potency, but also because of the ease with which they can be incorporated into your existing dishes or smoothies.  Try incorporating a few of these into your diet and bask in the amazing results.