Let's Talk About Women Talking About Other Women

Praise and compliments are all positive emotions women thrive off of - but what about the opposite energy? Negative criticisms and words hold the power to transform into negative energies that impact both the person speaking and the person being talked about. With words holding the power to manifest change in others and in ourselves, perhaps it’s time we pay closer attention to things we say.

“Let it be known if you speak badly about another woman, that’s a sign of insecurity within yourself” says Love by Jade founder, Jade Maddren. “Transform your negative thoughts about other women, and challenge your perspectives!”

"“Let it be known if you speak badly about another woman, that’s a sign of insecurity within yourself”

- Love by Jade Founder,
Jade Maddren

Day in and day out, we are typically given all kinds of quotes and one-liners to keep our eyes on the prize when we express fears and insecurities about what other people think or say about us, but we want you to know that it’s okay to care! In fact, it’s normal. As women, we are socially conditioned to believe that how you're perceived matters more so than our male counterparts.

With a variety of studies that demonstrate women are more receptive to changes in people’s tones of voices and facial expressions, it is no surprise that we’re more likely to take negative criticisms a lot more seriously. We’re naturally processing more information about how people are reacting to us 24/7!

How many times have you seen a beautiful woman being saved in a movie due to the virtue of her physical appearance? It’s hard not to internalize these teachings, and as a result of them, we are more fearful of negative feedback...and more likely to dish it. If what people think of us is important enough to shape our future and potential opportunities (and in the case of the movies, determine whether or not our lives are worth saving!), why wouldn’t we be fearful if the things said or thought about us are negative?

More dangerously, what’s to stop you from harnessing your ability to impose negative influence over others? While tempting, especially in the face of a challenging coworker, a toxic mother in law or perhaps a friend who you once thought had your best interests in mind, continuing this toxic cycle of negativity does nothing but hurt you as an individual and bring down other women in the long run.

When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about another woman for dressing in a way you wouldn’t, when you catch yourself gossiping or wanting to take from another woman’s success - ask yourself what may be missing from your own life and if you’ve fallen astray from your own path. Let us challenge ourselves and our thoughts onto a higher road of enlightenment!

How has changing how you speak about other women changed your life and outlook? We’d love to know. Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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