Full Size: Net Wt 1 FL OZ / 30 ML  

THE GLOW SERUM is the revolutionary all in one skin care product you've been looking for. This luxurious serum replaces all of the other face products in your selfcare routine (use as your face, eye, neck, lip & décolletage moisturizer and serum, day & night).
Made with a unique blend of certified organic, cold-pressed, nutrient rich oils.
The glow serum is like a multivitamin for the skin that benefits everyone...all ages...and all skin types.

The benefits of the GLOW SERUM for your skin are immense and quite magical in our opinion.

  • Antioxidant rich to nourish and protect skin
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Softens and improves skin texture
  • Helps face dark spots
  • Anti -inflammatory and anti-microbial
  • Deeply hydrates skin
  • Improves cell turnover so skin appears visibly brighter
  • Provides a luminous royal glow to all skin types
  • Absorbs extremely quickly and leaves no oily residue behind

Plum Oil

Few ingredients can compete with the restorative powers of this super
antioxidant. Due to the high concentration of antioxidants it is effective in delivering bouncier, glowing, hydrated and health-looking skin. This also helps all of our wonderful ingredients penetrate deeply into your skin so that you can get the maximum benefit. It’s also a great tool in protecting your skin from environmental pollution.


Derived from the seeds of the Barbary Fig Cactus, this premium ingredient takes over 1 million seeds and more than 40 hours of manual labor to produce a single bottle of this powerful vitamin and nutrient rich oil. This potent oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids, omega 6, omega 9 and the natural antioxidant vitamin E. In addition It also helps tp brighten under-eye dark circles due to its vitamin K content.


A nutrient dense compound with nearly 200 active ingredients all combined to bless your skin. This extract’s ingredients include Vitamins A,C, D, E, K, B1, B2, all 4 omega fatty acids, rich antioxidants, and more. We incorporate this power house ingredient to boost our face serum’s anti-aging and moisturizing power, while also providing his to boost our face serum’s anti-aging and moisturizing power, while also providing. 


FULL INGREDIENTS LIST: Prunus Domestica (Plum Oil), Opuntia Ficus (Prickly Pear Oil), Seabuckthorn CO2 Extract, Rosehip CO2 Extract.

APPLICATION: Dispense 2-3drops and press into skin., massaging upwards. Use alone as a moisturizer, layer under a cream or blend with serum or moisturizer. Enjoy the love.



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